Shamanic Healing is an ancient healing modality used in traditional cultures all over the world. It holds the universal wisdom of how to live respectfully in community, honour nature and the connection to spirit. 


During a Shamanic Healing the practitioner will journey on your behalf into your metaphorical landscape and tap into the stream of your life for the purpose of healing. It offers you the opportunity to receive, restore balance and connection within. 

It is a wonderful gift to have someone journeying on your behalf and clear the energy of a concern you have been working with, removes obstacles that seem to persevere in your life and reconnect you with your soul in times when you might feel stuck or depleted.

A Shamanic Healing is beneficial and complementary to any other modalities.

At the centre of the universe dwells the great spirit.

And the centre is really anywhere, it is within each of us. 

Black Elk 

Shamanic Healing