The Apprenticeship in Shamanism is the first part of the nationally accredited Diploma in Shamanism and Traditional Healing.   













This experiential course is taught by Gabriela Ming and guest tutored by Vicki Dean, one of the leading shamanic teachers in Australia, and is open to everyone that has a keen interest to deepen the relationship with the land, with the spirit and to answer the call in this life.

This course provides a framework and structure to tap into your truth and expression and to open your body to commune with nature and the spirit world.

It is a residential experience nested in the delightful Yarramalong Valley, about 1.5 hours drive north of Sydney. This offers a deep immersion with the work to develop an intimate relationship with your skills and gifts, without being pulled by everyday life. 


Each module is uniquely designed to introduce, guide and teach you to navigate the shamanic way of life. The course is structured so one module builds on the next for you to walk away with a new perspective and a complete tool set to implement in your life. 

Apprenticeship in Shamanism 

Open and deepen your relationship to the sacred, attuning your being to the song of land and spirit

Commences 10th Aug 2019

SoulSpace 3/191 Bronte road, Queens Park, NSW 2024

Part-time NON - residential

5 Modules (Saturday - Sunday)

6 weeks apart

3 x 3 hours Monday eve tutorials per module

Course duration 7 months