Just because

"everyone feels anxious or depressed" doesn't make it ok. 

Hi and thank you for your time  

Gabriela Ming specialises in addressing emotional trauma & enhancing spiritual connection.

Her main focus is:



Stress & PTSD

Intimate Relationships

Integration of spiritual experiences 

Gabriela is a third generation healer born & raised in the Swiss Alps.

As a trained nurse she understood early in her career, that many of the physical health issues can have psycho-spiritual roots. Her career led her to a cooperate job in a renowned surgery in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. This position confirmed to her the importance of considering the psycho-spiritual aspect in recovery after physical and mental "(dis)"ease and sustaining health physically and mentally.

This observation and her innate desire to see people well, sparked an 13 year journey of in depth studying  Mind-Body Medicine, Shamanism, Transpersonal Psychology, Australian Bush Flowers and many trips in Australia and overseas to a variety of teachers and people of  knowledge in order to understand and learn what "being healthy" really means.


In 2006 Gabriela moved to Australia. The relocation led her on a never imagined personal journey and resetting of her Self. It was a shedding process and Gabriela move into her own skin. This led Gabriela to create her dream, to offer a choice to the medical system, so you have a space that offers a difference, a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, an inclusive space where all of you is welcome. A space beyond conditioning, judgement and limitations. 

Since 2015 Gabriela owns and runs SoulSpace, a holistic healing centre in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. 

Gabriela's commitment to her work has led her in apprenticeship with Rob Young, a pioneer Vision Quest facilitator in Australia and together they guide groups twice a year to the Southern Flinders Ranges.

Gabriela is under mentorship of Vicki Dean, one of the leading professionals in Australia in Shamanism and navigating extreme states of consciousness and co-teaches the Diploma in Shamanism and Traditional Healing. 

Bi-annually Gabriela takes groups to the Peruvian jungle to meet with medicine man Jorge flores araoz Legrand for a deep healing immersion.

Gabriela has gained extensive corporate experience, supported by her medical background and the 13 year commitment to develop an extraordinary and powerful skill set so she can provide a holistic, all inclusive service for you that offers a choice and alternative approach to the medical paradigm.