Welcome to Shamanic Counsel, Knowledge and Teaching Sydney 

"We acknowledge the traditional custodians who's ancestral land we are living upon here today, where the Aboriginal people have performed age-old ceremonies, storytelling, music, dance and celebration. we acknowledge the deep feelings of connection and relationship of Aboriginal people to country.

We pay our respects to the Elders past and present and I acknowledge those of the future for they hold the memories, traditions and hopes of Aboriginal Australians."

We are specialising in addressing emotional trauma to enhance deeper / spiritual connection to self others and country 

"SoulBlossom offers an alternative choice to the existing (mental) health care system. We offer an "inner resource building" approach to navigate difficult or unknown mental, emotional and spiritual experiences."

Our innate interest lies in Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Relationship Counselling and Spiritual Emergence and Crisis (including drug induced experiences and plant medicine integration).


In our day-to-day practice, with the worldview of interrelationship, we understand that these can be symptoms of a disconnection from your Force of Life. 


The Force of Life is the same energy that leads seeds to sprout, trees to drop their leaves, you to feel loved. Connected to the Force of Life you belong, you feel alive and strong. 


Our focus is to work with you, so you return to a permanent interaction with your Force of Life and solid resources to navigate the rainy days and more rocky and dry landscapes within.


Essentially this leads to a return in confidence in Self and an experience of connection, love, passion and joy.


Our medium is nature. The most potent healer to consult in the matters of the heart, mind and spirit.


Starting with connecting to your own "human nature". We know that by reconnecting and healing discord in your connection and relationship to your Life Force you build TRUST in yourself, you GROW and INTEGRATE a new sense of being. 




Work with us One-on-One, join our Shamanic Apprenticeship, Vision Quest or Healing Journey to Peru

Shamanic Apprenticeship

Commencing 10th Aug 19

Vision Quest

25th Oct - 3rd Nov 19

Healing Journey to Peru

27th April - 9th May 20

Sydney Eastern Suburbs